Sugar Busters: How it Works

The scenario of reducing excessive body weight with the help of Sugar Busters diet is based on the suggestion that too much of refined sugar people consume is the main culprit of gaining extra pounds. That is why Sugar Busters diet calls for drastic reduction in the intake of table sugar, sweets, cakes, candies, etc., as well as some fruits and vegetables in order to stop obesity and get rid of stored body fat.

To investigate how Sugar Busters ensures the declared weight loss results, let us immerse into the chain of chemical reactions and physiological processes, which take place in human body, when the pure sugar or sugar-rich products are consumed.

Sugar belongs to a class of carbohydrates and is considered to be a simple carbohydrate. Both simple carbohydrates (sugars) and complex carbohydrates (starches) are the major sources of energy for all the internal organs of the human organism. Still, it is important to emphasize here that Sugar Busters eating plan targets mainly refined sugar in the ration.

There are two main reasons for this. Unlike natural sources of sugar, such as fruits, which also supply fiber, minerals and vitamins, refined or table sugar is nothing but empty calories without any other nutritional value. Another drawback is that sugar is a very “quick” source of energy. It takes minutes for the digestive system to break down sugar into glucose and drive it into the blood stream.

What happens next? Glucose, being the fuel for all cells, cannot enter the cells without the sufficient amount of hormone insulin in the blood. The more sugar we consume, the more glucose is produced and the more insulin is necessary to process all the glucose. Since rapid discharges of large amounts of insulin are not beneficial for human health, one of the goals of Sugar Busters is to make insulin level stable.

As it was mentioned above, glucose is fuel, but here arises a question. What if our bodies do not need so much fuel as we provide, eating a lot of sugar, cakes and pastries? In this situation the human body initiates the process of storing the fuel, unused by cells as the energy source for current biological needs.

The authors of Sugar Busters point out that the fuel (glucose) can be stored either in the form of glycogen or fat in the body. Since the capacity of the organism to store glycogen is limited up to 700 g. in the liver and muscles, the major part of glucose is converted into the body fat. The trick is that the capacities to store fat are practically boundless within the organism. As the result, persons with sweet tooth start gaining additional pounds of internal fat, stored in the areas of belly, hips, waistline, etc.

The core target of the Sugar Busters is to destroy the line, leading from the “too much sugar” straight to the “too much fat”. In order to reach this target Sugar Busters nutritional lifestyle teaches its followers to limit the consumption of refined sugar drastically. No sweet candies, no cookies, and no cakes; even coffee and tea should be sweetened with artificial sweeteners instead of traditional table sugar.

As the result of such sugar fasting, the body receives less sugar, produces less glucose and consequently, less glucose is left to be converted into the fat. According to Sugar Busters this is the only true way to disable the system of body fat storage and ensure stable and healthy way of weight loss against the background of general health improvements.


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