Sugar Busters: Pros and Cons

Sugar Busters came into the world of nutrition with the revolutionary idea, saying that sugar is toxic for human body and it is necessary to cut sugar in order to trim fat. Naturally, such unusual approach provoked curiosity among many obese and overweight people. At the same time, Sugar Busters induced many nutritional experts to discuss the principles of the new diet and reveal its major pros and cons. Below is the summary of the arguments from both parties.

What do the advocates say? Sugar Busters diet reduces refined sugar consumption. In fact, it is one of the most significant and undeniable advantage of the diet. Reducing amount of refined sugar in the form of table sugar, cakes, candies, pastries, etc., is healthy from many points of view, starting with the caries prevention and finishing with the regulating blood sugar and ensuring weight loss. In this regard, Sugar Busters is very close to the recommendations of US Department of Agriculture, saying that refined sugar should be the smallest part of one's daily menu, because it is the source of empty calories without any nutritional value.

Following the diet is easy. Dieting with Sugar Busters is not overloaded with measuring or counting of any kind. A dieter does not have to calculate the total amount of calories or certain ingredients in his meals. The absence of diet stages or phases with time limitations and specific rules for each stage is also said to be one of the conveniences of the Sugar Busters.

Sugar Busters promotes eating high fiber vegetables. Eating vegetables, containing a lot of fiber, is a healthy approach to dieting. Fiber is beneficial for the digestion. The proper amount of fiber in the ration prevents many digestive problems, such as constipation and diarrhea. Furthermore, vegetables are perfect natural sources of multiple minerals and vitamins.

Exercising is important. Sugar Busters emphasize the importance of exercising as one of the components of weight loss program, which is, certainly, one of the benefits of the diet.

What do the opponents say? Sugar is not toxic. The key postulate of the Sugar Busters, saying that sugar is toxic for human organism, is highly hyperbolized. It is nonsense, because sugar is nothing but a simple carbohydrate, which serves as the fuel to produce energy in the cells of human body. Of course, complex carbohydrates, found in starchy foods, fruits and vegetables, are much more nutritionally valuable in comparison to simple carbohydrates, but the latter has never been toxic for human body.

Sugar Busters diet bans some useful products. Putting carrots, potato and raisins in the black list of the diet is not a healthy approach to eating. Potato is the source of complex carbohydrates and carrots contain a lot of vitally important vitamins. So, most of experts in nutrition would not recommend excluding such products from the ration of a dieter.

The diet is too high in protein. According to traditional nutrition, the share of protein in one's meals should be about 10-20 percents. Sugar Busters raise the amount of protein up to 40%. This may increase the load on kidneys, which may cause certain loss of kidney functions.

Sugar Busters meals are too low in calories. Some experts admit that people may lose weight on Sugar Busters, but they say it is due to very small amount of calories in each meal and not because of sugar restriction or the 40/30/30 ratio.


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