The Zone Diet

The new weight-loss program with designing and mysterious name "The Zone" was introduced to the American audience in 1995. Since then millions of overweight and obese people have found this diet to be effective in ensuring permanent weight loss and promoting general health improvements. Even the Hollywood celebrities, such as Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Demi Moore, could not resist the temptation to follow the Zone recommendations in order to improve or maintain their fabulous body shapes.

The author of the diet Dr. Barry Sears, being a medical researcher, spent years to study the process of inflammation and its influence on human organism. He suggested that silent inflammation is the cause of many chronic diseases, including obesity. Dr. Sears also suggested that keeping human hormones, such as insulin, cortisol and eicosanoids, in certain limits (within the Zone) is the key to prevent silent inflammation along with associated health problems.

As the result, the Zone Diet appeared. Its major goal is to show people how to control hormones at their optimal levels just with the help of proper eating regimen and not with medications. Consequently, a dieter may expect not only permanent results of weight loss (one may lose about 1- 1.5 pounds per week), but other health benefits, such as the reduced risk of heart diseases, better mental performance and boosted energy.

The Zone Diet is praised for its approach to moderate consuming all food groups, putting emphasize on the importance of fruits, vegetables and good fats in the daily menu. Promoting the use of fish oil is also considered to be one of the Zone Diet advantages.

On the other hand, the opponents of the Zone say that this eating regimen is next to impossible to follow because of the extremely low calories intake and complicated recommendations on meal preparations. Besides, some experts criticize the Zone for the increased amount of protein, which may augment the kidney loading.

In general, the Zone Diet, as well as any other diet, offering revolutionary approaches to eating, has both opponents and advocates. The materials on were written to provide site visitors with unbiased and exhaustive review of the Zone Diet.

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