The Zone Diet: The Diet Plan

The Zone Diet says: to control your body weight and improve health, you have to keep your hormones, mainly insulin, on the appropriate levels. To balance the hormones, you have to enter the Zone. To enter the Zone you have to follow the rules of the Zone diet.

Moderation is the key The basic rule of the Zone eating recommendations is moderation in the foods one consumes. In fact, it is said, that the Zone diet is moderate-carbohydrates, moderate-fats and moderate-protein eating plan.

If you want to make a Zone meal, you have to divide your plate into three equal parts. Then fill one-third of the plate with lean protein (e.g. skinless chicken) and the rest two-thirds should be filled with favorable carbohydrates (vegetables and fruits). Do not forget to add good fats, such as olive oil, nuts or avocado and your Zone meal is ready. Bon appetit!

As for the source of carbohydrates, the Zone Diet recommends (favorable carbohydrates, such as) fruits and vegetables. Along with the carbohydrates, these products also contain fiber, which is essential for digestion and keeping the hormonal levels stable.

While fruits and vegetables are welcomed within the Zone, complex carbohydrates, such as potato, rice, pasta, grains, starches, etc, should be consumed with moderation. The point is that the density of carbohydrates in such foods is very high, so it is very easy to overeat and supply the organism with excessive amount of carbohydrates.

In order to stay in the Zone, one should prefer good fats, such as olive oil.

Timing is important According to the Zone logics, food acts like a medicine in regulating hormonal levels. So, you should take foods as accurately as you would take some pills. That is why meal timing is very important for keeping hormonal levels within the Zone.

Three meals plus at least two snacks is the daily eating regimen of the Zone dieter. Every meal is designed to keep hormones in favorable limits for about 4-5 hours, while a snack should provide 2-2.5 hours of being in the Zone.

Besides, it is recommended to eat within one hour after wakening and every 4 to 5 hours throughout the day, regardless of whether you are hungry or not. In fact, the absence of hunger along with good mental focus is an indicator of being in the Zone.

Add supplements Though the Zone Diet is loaded with fruits and vegetables, which are natural sources of minerals and vitamins, a dieter is also offered a range of supplements. Trace minerals, derived from sea plants, antioxidants and vitaminous supplements are recommended to promote the efficiency of the Zone Diet.

The range of Zone products includes specially-designed formulations to support digestive system, heart, bones and improve cholesterol profile of a dieter.

Still, we should not forget about the OmegaRx Fish Oil Concentrates as the diet supplements, which play one of the central roles in the Zone Diet philosophy.

Consider Zone food blocks The right proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in every meal is crucially important for controlling hormones and ensuring weight loss. To make meal planning as much precise as possible, the Zone food blocks were developed. The whole concept of food blocks and their practical usage is certainly worthy of a book, but here there is only a short summary of the idea.

One Zone block consists of one mini block of carbohydrates, one mini block of protein and one mini block of fats. One mini block of carbohydrates = 9 grams One mini-block of protein = 7 grams One mini-block of fat is 3 grams.

The Zone Diet teaches that one meal for the average male should contain four blocks and a meal of a woman should contain three blocks. In other words, in order to make a meal for a man one should take four mini blocks of carbohydrates (36 g) + four mini blocks of proteins (28 g) + four mini blocks of fats (12 g).

Since it is unlikely that someone will try to consume pure carbohydrates, protein and fats, it is necessary to translate real foods, we usually consume, into food blocks. The book " Zone Food Blocks: The Quick and Easy, Mix-and-Match Counter for Staying in the Zone" is a guide to tell a dieter how much real food (such as chicken, broccoli, wine, etc.) one should take to get one mini-block.

Taking into account all the above mentioned facts, the process of Zone meal preparation adds just up to measuring and mixing the variety of food options in right proportion with the help of Zone food blocks.