Total Body Makeover: Diet Regimen

One, who first becomes acquainted with Bob Greene’s weight loss solution known as Total Body Makeover, may find himself bewildered because this program is more about exercising, fitness and emotional motivations than about detailed eating guidelines, menus, recipes and food pyramids. However, in spite of a rather uncommon profile of Total Body Makeover, it is still a program which is designed to help people get the maximum weight loss results in a minimum period of time.

On the other hand, it is important not to underestimate the importance of those tips and recommendations on choosing the eating strategy, which are suggested by Bob Greene in his book. In fact, the separate chapter of the book is devoted to describing five simple eating rules.

First of all, one is encouraged to end up emotional eating as one of the most serious contributors to weight gain. Then think about well-balanced eating regimen with enough calories to support your organism during active exercising. Bob Greene does not support very restrictive eating programs. He says that the best strategy is to eat three meals every day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner (plus midmorning and midafternoon snacks).

A sample daily menu designed in accordance with the Bob Greene’s recommendations may look as follows: a bowl of oatmeal or other low-sugar cereals with blueberries and sliced strawberries for breakfast, vegetable salad with tuna for lunch and grilled chicken breast with a small baked potato with broccoli and cheese for dinner. In fact, Total Body Makeover is rather loyal to different food options, so there is enough space to find food options, which would be in conformity with the diet general philosophy and personal preferences.

Other eating tips are to consume enough water and limit alcohol consumption. Besides, a dieter is strongly recommended to avoid practice of late evening or night eating. All in all, Total Body Makeover offers a kind of conscientious eating plan rather than a typical diet.

Speaking about exercising as the core component of the Total Body Makeover, Bob Greene emphasizes the importance of functional fitness for those people, who want to boost their metabolism processes in order to burn calories effectively. According to Bob Greene, there are three primary areas of fitness - functional, cardiovascular, and muscular. Though the aim of anyone is to become fit in all the three areas, functional fitness is the background for achieving success in improving your cardiovascular health and strengthening your muscles.

There are several key exercises in Total Body Makeover. First of all, they include different types of stretches in order to improve one’s flexibility, balance, and coordination. In order to develop the muscular strength and endurance of the abdomen, back, and shoulders one is encouraged to practice abdominal crunches and all kinds of back and shoulder exercises (by the way, the Total Body Makeover book gives detailed description of every exercise with clear illustrations, so it is very easy to learn all the new exercises by following the book instructions). Finally, one is recommended to train his legs with the help of lower leg exercises.

So if you consider food banning, fasting, and precise meals plans to be inevitable part of any diet – Total Body Makeover is unlikely to appeal to you; however, if you are enthusiastic about going into serious fitness exercising – you may definitely benefit from following Total Body Makeover as the flexible weight loss and general health improvement program.

Anyway, according to the book it takes only 12 weeks to see the vivid results of following the program. Once the results do not meet your expectations – you may always switch to another diet (happily there are dozens of them:).


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