Total Body Makeover: How the Diet Works

According to the book title, Total Body Makeover is an accelerated program of exercise and nutrition for maximum results in minimum time; consequently, a dieter won’t have to wait long to understand whether the program works on not. On the other hand, it is important to evaluate how exactly the program helps to shed extra pounds off your body in quite a short period of time (12 weeks).

Speaking about the mode of action of Total Body Makeover, it seems that the clue to its success in helping people reach their optimal body weight is the unique combination of sound and deliberate eating recommendations with the intense workout program. Total Body Makeover is designed to accelerate metabolism or, in other words, to make the internal processes of burning calories more effective.

In fact, there are three major bricks in the fundament of Total Body Makeover, which ensure the performance of the whole program. Those bricks are emotional motivations, tips on eating habits, and a fitness plan.

Building a Sound Emotional Foundation is the first chapter of the diet book and, at the same time, this is the first step towards success in body transformation. At first, Bob Greene, the author of the diet, encourages all the dieters to start their weight loss program with the proper thinking.

He does his best to encourage people and prepare them for a tough but resulting program. He says that the Program won’t work if they follow it only for a limited period of time and then turn back to their previous life style. 12 weeks are enough to see the first results of your efforts, but in order to keep those results a dieter should continue exercising and follow the nutritionally sound eating plan.

Speaking about the pure diet component of the Total Body Makeover, it is interesting to note that this program does not work by encouraging people cut down calories intake or limit the consumption of certain food types. On the contrary, Bob Greene says that restricting food intake greatly does the opposite of boosting your metabolism: it slows it down. Besides, limiting food intake during intense exercising may bring more harm than benefits, because growing muscles require additional portion of calories to be turned into energy.

Finally, exercising is, perhaps, the most important component of the Total Body Makeover plan. It is the key, which accelerates the process of calories burning inside the human body. Bob Greene says that it is the exercising which can bring your visible results of your weight loss efforts. Unlike cutting off calories, which may or may not result in visible weight loss, active exercising and fitness will definitely result in visible changes of your body.

Bob Greene considers that exercising combined with sensible eating plan is a much more effective, healthier, and ultimately more life-changing approach than a typical dieting. That is why designing his Total Body Makeover plan the author staked on the exercising as the key element of the diet, and he obviously won the jackpot, because his diet really works (at lest for some, but very notable people as Oprah).


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