Total Body Makeover: Pros and Cons

Total Body Makeover is really an example of successful weight loss program: on one hand this program gained the wide popularity among people, seeking for some new approach to weight loss, as well as among fitness and exercises enthusiasts, and on the other hand, the program is so loyal and democratic that even diet opponents did not have much to criticize within the Total Body Makeover Plan.

Below is the summary of the most notable advantages and disadvantages, as well as for and against arguments of the Total Body Makeover program.

Changing the way of thinking is a perfect beginning of dieting. Practically all the experts praise Bob Greene, the author of the Total Body Makeover, for his strong emphasizing of the emotional motivations and personal commitment as the first step towards successful dieting. Dieting with Bob Greene begins not with changing your daily menus or reviewing your foods preferences, but with reviewing your personal attitude to eating. Right thinking is the basement of right habits.

Emotional eating is a target. Bob Greene made his best to explain people all the dangers of emotional eating. This bad habit can waste all your dieting efforts, that is why it is important to give up using food as an antidepressant once and forever. Addressing emotional eating belongs to the advantages and strong points of the Total Body Makeover.

Success stories are included. It goes without saying that dieters are more likely to believe other dieters who have already tried a particular program than doctors or dietitians promoting their own weight loss strategies. The Total Body Makeover book offers enough personal stories of success thanks to this very program. Definitely, the story of Oprah Winfrey is perhaps the best evidence of the effectiveness of Bob Greene’s diet.

Eating recommendations are insufficient, but they are quite sound. Total Body Makeover is not about giving dieters exact recommendations on what foods to eat and what to avoid, as well as how much and when to eat. It is more like a set of general tips on healthy eating than a diet in its traditional meaning. Naturally, this aspect of the diet is supported by those who support official eating guidelines and is criticized by those, who consider detailed charts of allowed and banned foods, as well as the periodic table, to be the essential components of every diet.

Fitness is the key. Many experts consider Total Body Makeover to be rather a fitness plan than a diet. Taking into account the great attention of the diet author to exercises as the key to boost metabolism – it is difficult to raise an objection against such statement. Detailed workout plain and the easy-to-understand descriptions of every exercise are definitely the advantages of the Total Body Makeover.

Vegetarians are invited. To be more exact, Total Body Makeover welcomes not only vegetarians, but anyone with the specific culinary preferences. There is enough space to personalize Total Body Makeover eating plan in accordance with personal likings.  

Final Verdict

Total Body Makeover is a flexible, dieter friendly, non-restrictive program, where the weight-loss result is mostly achieved by intense and regular exercising.