Volumetrics eating plan

The Volumetrics Eating Plan is the refurbished version of the Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan, introduced in 2002 by Dr. Barbara J. Rolls. The new book “The Volumetrics Eating Plan: Techniques and Recipes for Feeling Full on Fewer Calories” was published in 2007, and at once named the best diet of the year by the experts from Consumer Reports.

The author of the diet and the book is a well-known researcher with diplomas from such institutions as Oxford and Cambridge. During her career Dr. Rolls authored more than 200 scientific works. As an expert she collaborated with the National Institute of Health and participated in several initiatives to study digestive problems and obesity. The Volumetrics Eating Plan, developed by Dr. Rolls, made her widely known not only in the scientific community, but among many dieters as well.

The whole idea of the Volumetrics is based on the ideas of satiety and food’s energy density. The diet encourages people consume foods with high water content. This is the way to eat more to avoid hunger, and receive fewer calories at the same time, since water does not provide calories.

Broths, soups, vegetables and fruits are considered to be the foods with low energy density. While all types of oil, crackers, chocolate, cakes and candies are said to have high energy density. Though the Volumetrics Eating Plan does not recommend complete removing of any foods from the menu plan, it does encourage people to control the consumption of foods with high energy density in order to provide weight loss.

The Volumetris is not a diet, designed for rapid weight loss results. It is even sometimes said to be a life-long eating strategy, and not a diet in its common sense. Dr. Rolls says that her eating plan may help people lose about 10 % of their present weight, shedding about one or two pounds per week.

The Volumetrics Eating Plan has many supporters among the nutrition experts and dietitians. The program is said to be simple, understandable, and with the scientific background. Besides, the approach to limit calories intake by choosing foods larger in volume but lower in calories is considered to be the healthiest and safest way of dieting.

At the same time, some experts doubt that eating soups can satisfy people’s hunger for a long period of time. Water is said to be eliminated quickly from the human digestive system, thus a person may feel hunger soon after having meal.

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